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My World English for Young Learners
Our Courses

Five Core Advantages of My World:

1. Edited by Top International Professionals

2. AI Interactive Assessment Learning

3. 1-to-1 Online English Training

4. Cutting Edge Methodology

5. Smart Learning Platform

Choose a course based on your childs age 3-12 years old  

My World English for Young Learners Introduction

My World is an innovative English course developed by Neo-Elite with Pearson and Macmillan Education for Chinese young learners. It aims to build a strong English foundation for young learners and cultivate international citizens for the 21st century.                          

I·STEAM Creative Education
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I·STEAM Features:

1. The first STEAM educational institute in China with integrated curriculum

2. Student Lifecycle Management (SLCM) Curriculum for 3 to 12-year-olds

3. Project-based Learning (PBL) Approach

4. Interactive Learning Situations

5. FAST Three-in-One Tailor-made Growth Plan

Choose a course based on your childs age 3-12 years old      

I·STEAM Introduction                                                    

From Neo-Elite's 10 years of experience in young learners' education, I·STEAM has developed high-quality teaching resources and growth plans for children and is committed to cultivating the core competencies for 21st century citizens.                

Neo-Talk Introduction
Our Courses

Core Advantages of Neo-Talk Online Education:

1. Adaptive Learning

2. English Immersion Environment

3. 1-to-1 Native English Teachers

4. AI Technology

5. 45-minute Interactive Practice

Choose a course based on your childs age5-12years old    

Neo-Talk Introduction                                    

Neo-Talk is an online course for young learners aged 5-12 with experienced native English teachers. It provides each child a 1-to-1 interactive online classroom to improve oral English.                                    

National Education

Neo-Elite has set up branches in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Foshan, Dongguan, Nanning, Suzhou, Hefei, Ningbo, Changsha,Nanchang, Xinyu, Wuhan, Chongqing, and Chengdu.

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